Business Development Director

Greg Cranford

With 18 years of experience in landscape management, construction, maintenance, and professional sales, Greg has a passion for sales and helping businesses reach their full potential. His unique business development skill set has allowed him to build teams and streamline processes to drive growth for many industry leaders. In a career defining moment in 2018, JD Irving Ltd brought in Greg to build and develop a new landscaping division that just celebrated a successful 5th season.

Ed Hansen on Hops and Hedges

Hops and Hedges talk with Ed Hansen from Landscape Ontario,, TEC Canada and others centered in Ottawa, Ontario.
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LO’s new Social Awareness and Ethics Committee

Lindsay Drake Nightengale and Ed Hansen join the podcast to discuss Landscape Ontario's new Social Awareness and Ethics Committee.
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Soil to Software: The Role of Technology in the Green Industry with Ed Hansen

Ed shares his experiences from founding Hansen Lawn and Gardens to his role in tech innovation with his landscape management software company, EXT.
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