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Gardening management software

From cozy backyard gardens to large landscape projects, EXT gives you all the tools and insights you need to make your grow your gardening business.
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Meet EXT

Modern software that gets the job done

Experience lush, green perfection with EXT's gardening management software.
AI routing
Visual job history
Real-time updates
Optimize your operations

Advanced job routing

Manage your gardeners' routes with our cutting-edge routing system, designed to handle anything from a few local garden plots to widespread landscaping projects.

Navigate to efficiency

Minimizing travel time and maximizing hands-on gardening time. Ensure every gardener knows the fastest way to their next task.

More happy customers

Impress your clients with efficient arrival times and well-planned garden care schedules.
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Dashboard mockup
Become the top-rated customer business

Effortless job tracking for gardeners

Instantly record garden maintenance details and client preferences with ease, ensuring your entire team is informed and ready for action.
Comprehensive Job Records: Capture every detail, attach photos and add notes, accessible with a single tap.
Client Communication: Send garden updates and care tips directly to clients, keeping them engaged and satisfied.
Weather-Ready Scheduling: Integrate with weather services to choose the best days for planting and maintenance.
For gardening teams

A modern app employees love

The EXT mobile app is a game-changer for gardeners in the field, providing a suite of features tailored to streamline your operations.

Mobile management

Easily record treatment details and client preferences on-the-go.

Timesheet simplicity

Track hours spent on each lawn for accurate, effortless payroll integration.
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EXT connects to your tools

Automate your lawn care business with 25+ apps from accounting to document management.
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We got answers

What is the pricing structure?
EXT keeps our pricing simple. One monthly fee with unlimited users. Our monthly fee is based on company your size. Get an accurate quote.
Can EXT integrate with my current accounting software?
Yes, EXT integrates into many accounting systems through easy data export.
How long is the onboarding process?
The onboarding typically takes 3 weeks. It can be faster or longer depending on your company's training availability.
Is it possible to get a free trial?
Currently we do not offer a free trial but we would be happy to provide multiple demos to your team.
Does EXT currently accept payments?
EXT will be accepting payments in the near future.
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