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EXT.tech stands as a trailblazing innovator in the landscape management software industry, proudly based in Canada. Our expertise is uniquely specialized in seasonal services, encompassing essential areas such as snow removal, lawn care, gardens, and landscaping.

Our inaugural offering is poised to elevate landscape operations throughout Canada. It encompasses an array of powerful features, including customer relationship management, schedule coordination, invoice generation, dispatch management, seamless payment processing, route optimization, and an array of other essential capabilities. At EXT.tech, we are committed to transforming the landscape management experience and simplifying your operations.

Our History

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In pursuit of innovation and collaboration, Ed Hansen, an industry innovator with over 30 years of experience, and Tom Murphy, a leading software developer with over 25 years of expertise, joined forces to address the challenges posed by tired, sluggish, and outdated software solutions.

Together, they created EXT, a cutting-edge platform that leverages decades of business logic and experience to bridge gaps and elevate your business to its fullest potential.

At EXT, we aspire to be part of your team, working alongside you to achieve your goals. Our commitment to shaping a brighter future hinges on the success and satisfaction of our clients. Join us on this journey, and together, we'll redefine what's possible.

The start of Hansen Lawn and Gardens Ltd.

Ed starts Hansen Lawn and Gardens Ltd., an Ottawa-based landscaping company. The business was run using paper-based methods as cell phones and computers were not yet in use.

The birth of HLOD

In need of a way to manage all business information, HLOD (Hansen Landscaping Online Database) is created initially as simple Lotus spreadsheets.

Expansion of HLOD

Realizing our initial spreadsheet needed something more, we decided to upgrade HLOD to include more features for improved business management. Our new feature included better estimates, invoicing, call tracking, and information storage.

The addition of Work Order and Supply Tracking features

Our system is enhanced with work order management and supply tracking capabilities, revolutionizing the company's operations by automating renewals.

New feature added: Enhanced Reporting

Historical data is incorporated into reports, transforming data-driven decision-making and significantly improving profit margins.

Introduction of Routing

Our new Routing feature is introduced, optimizing crew schedules, reducing office workload, and enhancing client communication.

Spring 2023
Expanding Beyond Hansen

After using this software for many years, we realized that this could revolutionize business management for so many. We decided to share HLOD with other companies, aiming to help them achieve similar success.

Fall 2023
The launch of EXT

With a new name and a brand to match, EXT is officially launched as a cloud-based app, leveraging all the business logic and know-how accumulated over the years.

With this launch, we’ve revamped user interface for a more user-friendly experience and simplified setup and customization options to cater to a wider audience.

Looking forward to the future

For 2024, we are planning to continue to grow and improve the app to reach more businesses. Our goal is to expand to encompass landscaping services, enhancing the operational efficiency, and customer service of these businesses.

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